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How to Get Personal Loan in Delhi?

Need an instant loan in Delhi urgently? Look no further. Apply for an instant personal loan in Delhi in just 1 hour. Get instant approval from Roopya.

How to Get Personal Loan in Delhi?

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Get a personal loan in Delhi in just 1 hour. Apply up to Rs. 25 lakhs with Roopya. No physical documents are required.

Delhi is an economic and political epicenter of India. Nonetheless, Delhi NCR offers several livelihood opportunities for people across the country.

Personal loan in delhi

Doesn’t matter if you are a salaried individual or an entrepreneur; a major cash crunch can disrupt your economic stability. Personal loans can help you overcome any financial hurdles. Moreover, it is a quicker alternative to support your family expenses.

Roopya offers the simplest way to access personal loan facilities. In addition, our personal loan programs are distributed for short and long-term tenure. To know more about how to obtain personal loans, please keep reading.

How Do I apply for a personal loan in Delhi?

Applying for a personal loan is very easy with Roopya. To apply for a personal loan online, you need to follow the below steps-

  • Visit: roopya.com
  • Go to the “Personal Loan” option and click on “Apply Now” for loan application.
  • Then follow the steps accordingly and fill all the details such as name, address, PAN Card details, phone number, email id, etc.
  • Then you need to upload the documents required (bank statements, ID proof, credit information, salary slips, etc) for verification with the loan application.
  • After completion, the representative from the respective organization will call you for further verification and other details.

Quick Link: Personal Loan Application Form

Once you apply for the personal loan program we will start accessing your documents. Based on your documents and requirement we will proceed to the final stage. It hardly takes a few hours to process your loan request. If you want to know more details about the entire process, you can book a free consultation with us.

Why personal loan is a better loan option in Delhi?

A personal loan is indeed a great boon if you want to avail extra funds without much hassle. Starting from medical expenses, weddings, renovations, or an international tour, a personal loan can support you through thick and thins. Moreover, the pocket-friendly installments and quick disbursals offer many advantages. On top of that, some personal loan processes can be requested online.

You see, the funds can be utilized for any reason. In fact, even if you get a high salary, it would not be a problem to request a personal loan. Alternatively, a Personal loan is unsecured. That means you don’t need to mortgage collateral like your assets and share funds to get a personal loan.

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This policy is indeed helpful for salaried individuals and self-employed citizens who want an instant personal loan. Moreover, based on the credit information bureau the tenure of personal loans is flexible for the customers.

Before you request or disburse your personal loan, you can check the EMI amount using smart calculators. We also offer several plans that ensure to provide a credit rating. You can apply online personal loan request using our application

Instant Personal Loan in Delhi – Our Features

New Delhi is an economic hub. Among the sprawling number of salaried professionals and self-employed individuals, it is very tough to get a cash loan. However, a financial and medical emergency can hit any time.

In such situations, a personal loan in Delhi helps customers like you to support your financial needs within a jiffy. Be it credit loans or an instant cash loan, if you have a good credit score you can easily get the loans in Delhi.

If you have an active internet connection, you can easily apply for a personal loan offer.

Paperless approval

Amidst the digital age, a paperless personal loan application is a new freedom. We take the hurdles of assembling important documents and let our customers stay tension-free. Based on your matched preferences, we help to general instant approval.

Expanded eligibility

RBI banks follow strict discipline before lending money. It also has the benefit of securing your account status with the bank.


We have transparent loans terms. From interest rates to repayment fees, we make everything clear from the very day of our first consultation.

Convenient prepayment

If you take a personal loan in Delhi, you will find some banks charge an amount of 3% as a prepayment penalty. This locking period varies from one bank to another. Fortunately, there are several banks that don’t charge the fees.

Minimal documentation

We approve your loan request by simply checking the eligibility criteria. Moreover, our paperless strategy offers an immediate solution to the customers. We credit the loan amount within a few hours if you possess a good credit score.

Quick request

For the best personal loan in Delhi NCR or other account-related queries, we always support our customers with a strong shoulder.

Fast verification

We will send a code from our end to verify your mobile number. You will get an OTP to complete the verification process. Using the text, you can integrate your mobile number with the account. You will also get other facilities like requesting instant cash loans or check the personal loan application status from here.

Improve Your Chances for Fast Loan Approval

You see, for a simple personal loan request, one of the most important things is to maintain a decent credit score. Moreover, getting personal loans without a significant credit score is quite difficult. If you are worried about the score, please take these tips into consideration

Avoid late payment

Delayed repayment for credit cards and EMIs impacts on CIBIL score. You can enable an automated payment method or set up a reminder.

Keep an eye on the CIBIL report

Wrong credit information or inaccuracy in the CIBIL report should be eliminated. You can raise a dispute to resolve the issue. Continuous monitor improves the score and helps to process any loan quickly.

Credit utilization ratio

Creditworthiness plays a crucial role. If you avail credit loan, your credit utilization ratio should not go above 30% of the limit. In order to achieve the mark, you need to balance expenditure. Eventually, in any financial crisis, you can easily get a personal loan.

Avoid multiple inquiries

If you apply for loans too frequently or simultaneously, the lenders form a negative impression on you. All the credit information for loan applications would be stored in your database. Hence, it increases the chance of loan rejection.

Maintain old bank account

It is wise to scatter your money in different banks. In addition, long association with banking institutions depicts long repayment history. Therefore, closing accounts eliminates the previous records and impacts your CIBIL score negatively.

As per the amendment in the IT Act of 2000, you can access or print your credit report or credit scores with reference no.

Personal Loan Interest Rates in Delhi

The interest rate of the personal loan varies from bank to bank. While the State bank of India offers the lowest interest rate, Yes bank’s interest rate is pretty much high. Of course, you choose the bank that suits your financial capabilities. Let’s take a look at the different banks and their offered interest rates. Additionally, apart from the interest rate, some banks also charge processing fees.

  • State Bank Of India (9.60% – 15.65% p.a.)
  • ICICI Bank (11.25% – 21% p.a.)
  • HDFC Bank  (10.75% –
  • 21.31% p.a.)
  • Yes Bank (13.99% p.a. – 16.99% p.a.)
  • CitiBank (10.50% – 17.99% p.a.)
  • Kotak Mahindra Bank (10.50% – above)
  • Axis Bank (12% – 24% p.a.)
  • Bank of Baroda (10.50% onwards)
  • Tata Capital (11.25% onwards)

The processing fees cost from 0.5% to 3%.

Required Documents for Personal Loan in Delhi

These are required documents that you will need to apply for a personal loan at Roopya. If you are self-employed with a high salary in hand, you can still submit the necessary documents with the application form to quickly approve the loan amount.

Income Proof

For verification of Income Proof, you will require the following documents-

  • Recent Bank Account Statement
  • Salary Slips of Past Recent Month
  • Income Tax Return Copy of last six months
  • PAN Card copy

Identity Proof

Read the following details to know about the important documents for the verification of your identity proof-

  • Passport
  • Adhaar Card
  • Voter ID Card
  • Driving License

Residence Proof

For residence proof, you need to submit the following documents listed below-

  • Passport
  • Ration Card
  • Adhaar Card
  • Utility Bills

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If it sounds good to be true, please give us a call and clear your doubts. Or you can simply click here to request a query.


The following lists of FAQs will help you to understand the policies better.

What will be tenure and downpayment, and interest rates for the personal loan program?

Choose our flexible repayment EMI options. We offer multiple benefits for a personal loan in Delhi starting from comfortable downpayment and suitable tenure. Once we review the loan application form and endorsed documents, we will decide on a good deal for you.

How can I get an instant cash loan in 1 hour?

Getting an instant cash loan or personal loan in Delhi is very simple if you meet the eligibility criteria. First of all, log in to our account with your basic personal information.

Provide necessary details and get your loan hassle-free:

  • Select your desired loan plan: Based on eligibility criteria, you need to choose the loan amount.
  • Submit necessary documents: In the next step, you need to submit all the documents required for the process.
  • Instant cash loan request: find the loan disbursal tenure and submit the proposal. The loan amount will be credited to your account within 24 hours.

P.S: If you are self-employed or work in a multinational company, or a government employee you need to give your salary proof (with bank account details) to avail the best personal loan in Delhi NCR.

Know more: Loan in 1 hour

How do I get a mini cash loan?

A mini cash loan is taken for a short tenure. If you need a small amount personal loan immediately, you can request your proposal just by clicking the link here. Submit all the documents required for a personal loan in Delhi and get your approval instantly.

How can I get a 5000 Rs loan?

If you are 21 years of age or above, you can request 5000 rs. Instant personal loan. In order to request the loan process, please check on the eligibility criteria.

How can I instantly borrow money?

You need to submit identity proof (voter card, pan card, Aadhar card), address proof last three months of salary slips to borrow money instantly. It will hardly take 24 hours to credit your loan amount if you meet all the prerequisites.

How can I get a loan in Delhi?

If you are in financial emergencies and want to apply for a personal loan in Delhi NCR, you can follow the simple steps:

  • Request for a personal loan
  • Choose a loan program
  • Submit your identity proof and address proof

Once it gets approved, the money will be credited to your bank account

Which bank provides easy loans?

From Tata capital, RBL bank to HDFC, you have different banks options to choose from. If you follow the general guidelines and meet the eligibility criteria, you will get an instant cash loan for a short and long tenure.

Which bank has the easiest personal loan approval?

At Roopya, you will get the easiest personal loan program process. Moreover, this company offers huge advantages for their account holder.


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