What is Consumer Durable Loan for Electronics?

What is Consumer Durable Loan for Electronics? And how to apply? Read this blog to completely understand the process.

What is Consumer Durable Loan for Electronics?

Written by MyFinPartner

When we think of electronics, the first thing that comes to mind is convenience and joy. They help us achieve more as they save us time. They entertain us when we are bored, and keep our children engaged for hours at a time. They allow us to work in a more effective manner and make communication easier without ever leaving the comfort of our home. Consumer Durable Loans are the financial products that enable the purchase of such products. After all, who really wants to settle for an old desktop when a new laptop will offer you better efficiency?

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MyFinPartner thinks that any modest wish may be realized. As a result, we offer you the opportunity to purchase gadgets or home appliances today through an electronics loan. The loan may be repaid in simple loan EMI payments at a reasonable interest rate over a flexible repayment tenure.

What exactly are Consumer Durable Loans?

Consumer durable loans are basically unsecured personal loans issued for the purpose of purchasing a home appliance or electronic device with the option of paying back via easy installments. You may finance your purchases with a personal loan, which is both quick and cheap.

To be qualified for an electronics loan, you must have a consistent monthly wage paid into your bank account as well as a solid credit score. Your credit history is vital in determining the loan amount you are eligible for. At the moment of a loan application, you must submit your personal details, previous month’s bank statements, and other documents. The whole procedure, from application and loan approval to loan disbursement, is completely digital and takes less than an hour.

The loan interest rates on the consumer durable loan vary but they are generally pretty affordable, making it suitable for folks who are short on funds and want to buy a new home appliance or even your dream smartphone. You may purchase the product immediately and pay off the loan in convenient payments over a flexible repayment tenure. As a result, it will not place any additional strain on your monthly budget or pay.

It is realistic for most paid individuals since they have established revenue sources and fixed monthly expenses that they must meet each month. Affordable interest rates with flexible repayment tenure allow you to efficiently manage your monthly payments while purchasing the fresh launched devices and equipment.

What are the benefits of a Consumer Durable Loan?

The following are the benefits of a customer durable loan in India:

Easy Approval

A consumer durable loan, which is effectively a personal loan, is quite easy to obtain. It takes no more than an hour to finish the entire process and deposit the funds into the provided bank account. The approval procedure is quite straightforward and simplified, making it simpler for a person to obtain a consumer durable loan from MyFinPartner.

No Collateral Required

A consumer durable loan does not require any type of collateral. With your recent bank statement and fundamental personal information, you may apply for a loan from MyFinPartner in just a few clicks. However, your credit history is really important in approving the loan, thus having a good credit score is advised.

Low Loan Interest Rate and Flexible EMI Options

Unlike your credit card, Consumer Durable loan from MyFinPartner has a low-interest rate and a flexible payback period, making it simpler for you to utilise and repay the loan in easy EMIs.

No Restriction on Spending

A personal loan from MyFinPartner allows you to pay the money on anything you want, whenever you want. You may use an electronics loan to buy electronics, home appliances or gadgets. You can use the loan amount to pay for the entire cost of the item upfront and then, repay it in affordable EMI amount payments.

What are the products for which you may obtain a Consumer Durable Loan?

The world we live in is getting increasingly advanced. There are a number of devices that have become staples in the lives of various people. With each passing day, the technological advancements happening in the industry are significantly impacting the way we live and work.

One such development has been the introduction of electronic gadgets which brings with it several benefits for us. We no longer have to be physically present at work/home or sit at a computer to complete our duties.

With each passing day, technology advances, and newer products are developed. Whenever you are looking to buy electronics, you can use Roopya Electronics Loan to get the product immediately without any expenses from you.

Some of the most common items purchased on Electronics Loan are:

Home Security Systems

Even though you may feel you are secure behind your doors and windows, burglars can be very crafty. You cannot remove all risk factors, but if you know what the signs to watch for are, it makes your home that much more secure. Having a home security system is always best. Burglars will think twice about breaking into a house if they know there’s a well-maintained camera keeping an eye on things. With modern technology, that little camera can be massive and hard to miss.

Thus, having a home security system can be termed as a necessity of every modern-day house. Even if you are living in an old apartment, it is highly recommended that you buy one. However, if you are on a cash crunch, Roopya personal Loans can help out by offering you Electronics Loan.

Gaming Consoles

We all know the best way to unwind after a long day is to play a video game or two. It’s a great way to take your mind off whatever you may be going through and helps you to forget about anything else happening in your life for a short time. There are a plethora of games available. No matter what method you prefer, one thing that most people enjoy is playing their favourite games with family members or friends.

Today, more people are choosing to use gaming consoles because they provide a more interactive and immersive experience than an average smartphone or PC.  Though these consoles are significantly more expensive, you may simply purchase one utilising Roopya’s Electronic Loans and repay via easy EMIs.


Wristwatches are a relic of a bygone era. Smartwatches put an end to them about a decade ago.

Who doesn’t like convenience? Smartwatches are rising in popularity simply because of that. It helps people to better interact with their smartphones, headphones as well as other electronics while playing its base role as a watch. It is almost necessary if you are a fitness enthusiast or someone with a 9-6 job. Buy one today using Roopya Electronics Loan.


We all know that listening to music on an ordinary mp3 player isn’t the best experience. You can’t hear your music very well, the earphones don’t provide a secure fit, and it isn’t great for your battery life when you are using it as a portable device. With advancements in technology and an increase in our day-to-day reliance on portable electronics, more and more of us are looking for better ways to enjoy our music.

Headphones come in all manner of designs and styles but what everyone wants is complete freedom from being tethered to their music player. AirPods and wireless headsets are becoming more popular as technology advances. Even if you do not have the necessary finances, you may easily avail of a Roopya Electronics Loan and purchase your ideal type of new headphones today.

How to apply for a Consumer Durable Loan?

Now that you understand the benefits of advance salary loans, you may be asking how to apply for a loan.

Well, look no further. Customers may apply for an advance salary loan in the following ways:

  1. Go to Roopya’s official website and check eligibility criteria.
  2. Input your name, gender, age, address, income, mobile number, and other personal details to avail of an instant personal loan.
  3. Fill out the online application form with your basic details and submit the relevant documentation.
  4. After properly completing the application, you may receive instant approval.
  5. The loan amount will be sent straight to your bank account within one hour after approval.

Unlike other financial institutions, Roopya provides an immediate and hassle-free instant personal loan borrowing experience for salaried and self-employed individuals in India.

Roopya is well-known for its quick credit services. If you qualify for pre-approved offers, your personal loan application can be accepted in as little as 10 minutes. In case you are not pre-approved, the maximum time it takes to authenticate a customer is one hour.

So, in an hour, you can get ready to shop for your dream smartphone, AC, or even a new home appliance and slowly the amount via easy EMIs.

Eligibility Criteria for a Personal loan Application:

Here are the fundamental eligibility criteria for you to receive an instant personal loan.

  1. You must either be a salaried employee or own a business.
  2. The minimum age limit is 21 years old, while the maximum age limit is 58 years old.
  3. There must be no defaults in the previous 24 months.
  4. An excellent credit score.
  5. The applicant needs to be a legal Indian citizen.
  6. The minimum income should be 15,000 INR per month.

Required Documents for a Personal loan Application:

Roopya’s minimal documentation processes are among its most popular characteristics. The only documents required to avail for Roopya instant loans include:

Identity Proof

  1. Aadhar Card
  2. PAN Card
  3. Voter Identity Card
  4. Driving license

Address Proof

  1. Recent Electricity Bill
  2. Recent Telephone Bill
  3. Ration Card

Income Proof

  1. Last month’s Pay Slip
  2. Recent Bank Statements
  3. Form 16

Why choose Roopya for Loans for Electronics?

Roopya is the one-stop solution for your personal loan requirements.

A salaried individual may find it challenging to spend a substantial quantity of money all at once on a new electronic or home appliance. A personal loan from Roopya can let you obtain your dream gadget or improve your home equipment without using your credit card with higher interest levied. Roopya’s attractive interest rates allow salaried individuals to pick their ideal home appliance or latest electronic gadgets without the stress of higher loan interest rates.

The loan will be authorised and deposited in your provided bank account in as little as an hour. This will allow you to purchase any product on the same day you desire it, rather than having to wait a long period for the cash to become accessible.

Roopya’s consumer durable loan provides a low-interest personal loan. Any salaried individual with a net monthly income of 15,000 INR or more is eligible for a personal loan that may be used to purchase any electronic device or home appliance. To be authorised for an Electronics loan, no security or collateral is required. The loan sum that will be authorised is readily repayable over a flexible repayment tenure.

This makes it more affordable and simple to avail of a personal loan for electronics and utilises it to buy your ideal home appliances or gadgets.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is an electronics loan?

Electronics loans can be described as a type of personal loan with an attractive interest rate that allows paid professionals to borrow cash to purchase electronics and home appliances. They can slowly return the loan amount via easy EMIs. It is different from a business loan.

Q. Who is eligible for a consumer durable loan?

Salaried individuals or individuals who own a business with a decent credit score and a net monthly salary of more than 15,000 INR are eligible for an Electronics loan.

Q. What paperwork is necessary to avail for a consumer durable loan?

Roopya believes in low documentation procedures. The site just needs some basic documents such as proof of your identity, address, mobile number, and income to approve personal loans online.

Q. What are the possible applications for the Consumer Durable Loan amount?

Roopya does not have a policy that regulates how the Electronics loan amount is spent. It is entirely up to you and how you choose to spend the cash.

Q. Is it feasible to repay Salary Advance Loans early?

Yes, you may clear off your consumer durable loan before the loan tenure expires. Some lenders impose nominal prepayment charges, but the charges vary from one to another.

Q. What types of items are covered by a consumer durable loan?

You may get an Electronics loan to purchase consumer durables and more with low monthly payments. Home appliances, smartphones, tablets, computers, furnishings, inverters, car batteries, and fitness equipment are among the most popular things consumers tend to buy.

Q. Where can I use Roopya Consumer Durable Loan to shop?

Roopya Consumer Durable Loans allows you to apply and receive fast cash in your bank account. With the borrowed cash, you are free to shop online or offline – wherever you choose in India.

Q. How long does it take to get funds from Roopya Consumer Durable Loan?

Roopya is known for its instant approvals. Within an hour of the loan application, the loan amount is disbursed to bank accounts. For pre-approved offers, the required time is as low as 10 minutes.

Q. Can I use the Roopya Consumer Durable Loan amount for anything other than buying electronics and home appliances?

Consumer Durable Loans are a sort of personal loan that is designed to give individuals who own a business and salaried professionals a quick and easy source of cash in times of need. In India, you are allowed to utilise the loan cash for any lawful purpose.


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