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Instant Personal Loan For Your Dream Vacation

Are you planning to have your much-waited vacation? We are here to help. Apply for personal loan with Roopya and visit your dreamland. Read here how.

Instant Personal Loan For Your Dream Vacation

Written by MyFinPartner

Are you a corporate pawn, stuck between data, deadlines, and paycheque, and want to take a break and take off to somewhere with wild abandon? Are you all set to let your soul and spirit to nature but then your pocket ain’t permitting the burden of that huge travel expense? Well, fret no more! Settle your exotic vacation plan with an instant personal loan for vacation.


With flexible repayment plans and a simple application procedure, this travel loan will save your time and ease out your vacation proceedings. From flight bookings to hotel accommodations, a personal loan for a vacation will take care of every little aspect. So if you are planning a fortnight at a beach house in Goa, or in an exotic tropical landscape in Meghalaya, then this article is for you. Here we’ll discuss a few important features of an instant personal loan for a vacation that will help your dream vacation plan come true. Read on.

Instant Loan Approval

This comes as the most important feature in taking out a personal loan for vacation. With rapid development in technology and digital space, you can now apply for personal loan online. Several financial houses and money-lending institutions now run their own personal loan websites. All you need to do is to simply log in and fill the application form and upload the relevant official documents. You get an instant loan approval once they are done with checking your particulars.

Money Transfer within A Day

If the lender finds you eligible and you fulfill the given terms and conditions mentioned in the application form, you get the loan amount transferred in less than 24 hours. However, you have to make sure that all your documents are up to date and your application statement holds true to your current scenario.

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Simple Eligibility Norms

Instant personal loan for vacation has very simple eligibility norms. You have to have a minimum monthly salary of 12,000/- to avail an instant personal loan for vacation. If you are a salaried employee then you have to produce your salary-related documents. Besides that, you have to produce a valid photo identity along with your age proof. The minimum age to apply for an instant personal loan for vacation is 21 years.

Travel Loan Amount

So how much you can draw through an instant personal loan for vacation? There is a standard credit limit set by the financial house. With a monthly salary of 12,000/- you can apply for a minimum of 5000/-. The amount, however, goes up to 40 lakh as the final credit limit. The rate of interest on an instant personal loan for vacation ranges from 10.99% pa.

Apply with Roopya

Roopya provides instant personal loans through authorized Indian financial institutions. You can check out our website for money disbursement related queries and repayment schemes. You can also schedule your repayment plan through their online portal and get a necessary notification.

All these features will help you get through the hectic proceedings that go behind a great vacation plan. Give away all your financial worries to the instant personal loan and enjoy a hazard-free trip with your loved ones.



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