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Axis Bank Signature Credit Card is one of the top credit card offerings by Axis Bank. Read the eligibility, benefits, features. Apply with Roopya.

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Axis Bank is one of the renowned banks in India. It is known for its amazing banking services and customer’s requirements as well. The timeliness makes it one of the reliable banks in the country. The Signature Credit of Axis Bank is one of the popular credit cards. You can unlock different benefits and opportunities to live a luxurious lifestyle. Here we will know about the benefits and features of the Axis Bank Signature Credit Card.

Main Features of Axis Bank Signature Credit Card

The Signature Credit has various features for customers. to know more about them in detail, read below-

Insurance Cover

With a credit card of Axis Bank Signature, then you will receive an insurance cover up to Rs. 2.55 crore. In this insurance, you will receive purchase protection, air accident cover, liability or lost card, and several travel covers as well.

Emergency Assistance

If you love traveling and shopping then you can also use this card abroad for these purposes. You will get global emergency assistance with the help of this card to save you from any complicated situation.

If you lose your Signature Credit card abroad then you can ask for a new card. Axis Bank delivers the card to the new location you mention.

No Extra Charge or Overdue Penalty

When you have a Banner Signature Credit Card you will remain stress-free with flexible spending limits on your card

The bank does a thorough analysis of your payment and expenditure behaviors and then grants you this benefit. So if your credit history is good, then you will enjoy the benefit of Signature Credit Card Banner.

Safe and Secure

Axis Bank Credit Cards are safe and secure for you. The Signature Credit is configured with an EMV chip that protects it from any tampering or misuse of the card.

Concierge Service

You also get concierge services with Axis Bank Signature Credit Card. You can activate the concierge services online or dial the toll-free number of Axis bank from your registered mobile number.

Convert Reward Points into EMIs

If the transaction amount is Rs. 2500, or more than that, then you can convert that into EMIs. Simply call the executive to convert your purchases into your current EMIs.

Benefits of Axis Bank Axis Bank Signature Credit Card

As we have discussed about the main features. We will further know about the different benefits that you can avail-

Fuel Surcharge Waiver

You can save on your fuel expenses by using the Axis Bank Signature Credit Card.

In this benefit, if you make fuel transactions of Rs. 400 to Rs. 4000., then you can get a waiver of 2.5% on your transaction.

Voucher of IndiGo Airlines

If you use Axis Bank Signature Credit Card, you will also save money for your travel. If you spend Rs. 6 Lakhs or more than that, then renew your card, you will get vouchers from IndiGo Airlines for complimentary access to various services.

After renewing you will receive the voucher around 21 days. If still do not receive the voucher, then immediately contact the customer care service of Axis Bank.

Gift Vouchers of Satya Paul

You get various lifestyle benefits of Signature Credit Card of Axis Bank. The privileges like Satya Paul will get you various opportunities to lead a luxurious and stress-free life.

  • You will receive a voucher for Rs. 2000 from Satya Paul for your shopping.
  • To enjoy this lifestyle benefit of Satya Paul Vouchers cashback, you will have to make a purchase using the Signature Credit Card within 45 days.

Taj Epicure Membership

You will immediately become a member of the Taj Epicure Plan after you get Axis Bank Signature Credit Card. You will get a 10% discount on your every meal at Taj Hotels all over India.

  • After some time you will also become a silver tier member of the Inner circle Loyalty Programme of Taj which is a lifestyle benefit.
  • Now, you can enjoy a buffet lunch every day excluding Sundays at Taj Coffee Shop.
  • Also, you get a 50% discount on your weekend stays twice a year at selected Taj hotels in India.

Airport Lounges Benefits

This is also among the major lifestyle benefits of the Axis Bank Signature Credit Card.

  • With the Priority Pass Program, you can get access to more than 700 VIP lounges through a Signature Card with lifestyle benefits.
  • You can get access to airport lounges in above 275 cities and 90 countries across the world.

Cashback on Movie Tickets

With the Axis Bank Signature Credit Card, you also get up to 20% discounts on your movie tickets. This means these lifestyle benefits will be easy on your pocket and you will also get a reward through this card.

  • In a calendar year, you will get a maximum discount of up to Rs. 2000 per calendar year.

Tickets Discount on Dining

This is also among the amazing lifestyle benefits of the Axis Bank Signature Credit. You can enjoy the best deals among many restaurants such as Golden Leaf, Casablanca, Barista and many more.

  • To know more about the restaurants, check the axis bank country website.

Reward Points

Reward Points collection from Signature Credit card with lifestyle benefits is also an integral part of Axis Bank. Here are the various points that you can gain

  • Get 10 points for domestic transactions of Rs. 200.
  • Get 20 points for international transactions of up to Rs. 200.
  • Get 100 points for 1st-time transaction with Axis Bank Signature Credit.

Eligibility Criteria for Axis Bank Signature Credit

These are the following eligibility criteria if you want to get access to Axis Bank Signature Credit-

  • The age of the primary cardholder should be 18-70 years of age.
  • Also, the applicant should have a net annual income of at least Rs. 9 lakhs or more than that for a credit card banner signature.
  • The applicant should be an Indian resident.
  • If the applicant is already associated with a program called “Axis Bank Wealth Client,” then, they are automatically eligible for the Card banner Signature Credit.

Even if you meet these above eligibility criteria, the bank has the final authority to approve or decline your application due to some reasons.

Documents Required For Axis Bank Signature Credit

You can submit your important documents for getting a signature credit card online and enjoy best deals. These are the documents that you will need for Axis Bank Signature Credit-

Identity Proof

For Identity Proof, you need the following documents-

  • Adhaar Card
  • Voter ID Card
  • Driving License
  • Recent color photograph of passport size

Address Proof

For address proof, you need to collect these following documents to submit to the Axis Bank Brank or online mode-

  • Ration Card
  • Passport
  • Electricity Bill
  • Telephone bill
  • Passport

Income Proof

To avail Signature Credit card with lifestyle benefits, you will need these documents as your income proof-

  • Form 16
  • PAN Card photocopy
  • Income Tax Return Copy
  • Salary Slip of past recent months

These are the various documents that you need to submit to the Axis bank Branch or visit their website online for submission. The requirement of documents can change depending on different aspects.

Charges and Fees of the Lifestyle benefits of Axis Bank Signature Credit

The charges and fees of Axis bank Signature Credit Card are as follows-

  • Joining Fee- Rs. 5000
  • Annual Fee-Rs. 3000 from the second year.
  • Priority Pass Membership-99 USD
  • Copy Request Fee- NIL
  • Dishonour Fee-Rs. 300.
  • Cash Withdrawal Fees- 2.5% on the transaction amount. |TheMinimum amount is Rs. 250.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the charges for late payment for Axis bank Signature Credit?

The charges late charges for Axis Bank Signature Credit are-

  • Rs. 300 for payment up to Rs. 2000.
  • Rs. 400 for payment between Rs. 2001-Rs. 5000.
  • Rs. 600 for payment above Rs, 5001.

What is the charge for the outstation cheque Fee?

There are no charges for an outstation cheque for Axis bank Signature Credit.

What is applicable with Signature Credit Card?

The Signature Credit comes with various lifestyle benefits, flexibility in spending limits, online transactions, lounge access, and many more.

It is possible to convert purchases into EMIs?

Yes, if you make any transaction of More than Rs. 2500, then you can convert them into your EMIs.

How to apply for Axis Bank Signature Credit?

You can visit your nearby branch of Axis Bank Signature Credit and apply for the Card. However, you can also do this process online. Visit the Axis Bank Website connect from your browser or download the app on your smartphone.

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