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Axis Bank Buzz Credit Card 2021: Read this article to know all about cashback, reward points, eligibility criteria etc. Apply with Roopya.

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Axis Bank Buzz Credit Card provides you huge opportunities to enjoy huge discounts and several unlock the luxurious lifestyle.

Axis Bank Buzz Credit Card

If you are a shopaholic and want to gain some advantage in return for your expensive hobby, then Axis Bank Buzz Credit card is for you.

With Axis Bank Buzz credit card, you get about a 10% minimum discount on Flipkart for online shopping, gift vouchers, and many more.

How to Apply for Axis Bank Buzz Credit Card?

Roopya offers the fastest way possible to apply for Axis Bank Buzz Credit card. Follow these steps to apply for Axis Bank Buzz Credit Card:

  1. Visit: Credit card application form
  2. Just follow simple steps & fill in a few details.
  3. Get instant credit approval & we will send the credit card to your address.

If your application is approved, you will receive a confirmation message on your registered number. An executive will call you to further the process accordingly.

Here we will talk about the Axis Bank Buzz Credit Card, its features, eligibility criteria, application process, and many more. To know more details of this credit card, read below.

 Highlights of Axis Bank Buzz Credit Card 

Welcome BenefitsGet a Rs. 1,000 Flipkart gift voucher after making 3 transaction within first 45 days
Joining FeesRs. 750
Annual FeesRs. 750
Flipkart Discounts10% on all spends from 1st to 5th of every month
5% Discounts on all spends from 6th to 31st of every month
Dining BenefitsMinimum 15% discount on dining at partner restaurants
Reward PointsEarn 2 eDGE reward points on every Rs. 200 spend
3 Accelerated eDGE reward points on online shopping
Milestone RewardsVoucher of Rs. 500 on annual spends of Rs. 25,000 on Flipkart
Rs. 1,000 voucher on Rs. 50,000 Flipkart spends
Rs. 2,500 voucher on Rs. 1 lakh Flipkart spends
Financial Charges3.25% per month

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Table of Content

Features of Axis Bank Buzz Credit Card

Axis Bank Buzz Credit Card gives you the opportunity to access several offers and discounts from Flipkart.

Online Shopping

If you do online shopping from Flipkart, you can get a discount of up to Rs. 8000. Along with that, you will also receive reward points, Flipkart gift vouchers, and many more.

Welcome Benefits

By joining with the Axis Bank Credit Card, you will receive a welcome benefit. In welcome benefits, you get Rs. 1000 gift voucher from Flipkart for making 3 purchases.

  • To gain this welcome gift, you need to shop online to make the purchase within 45 days of your card issuance.

Edge Reward Points

If you shop or make any purchase using the Axis Bank Credit Card, you get edge reward points for offline and online spends. These are the edge points you get-

  • You get 2 edge reward points on every expenditure of Rs. 200.
  • You get 3X reward points if you purchase anything through Flipkart or other sites.

Benefits from Partner Websites

Axis Bank has a partnership with PVR, Uber, 2Gud, MakeMy Trip, and Myntra as well. If you shop from these websites or take their services, then you get access 4% cashback benefit.

EMI Availability

The Axis Bank Credit Card helps you to convert your reward points or purchase into EMI. For that, your transaction should be at least Rs. 2500 or above. Along with that, you also get no-cost EMI on various products or online shopping spends.

You will be charged with a 14% interest rate for EMI transactions with the Buzz Credit Card Axis Bank.

Compare with other cards: Visit Compare Credit Card page.

Benefits of Axis Bank Buzz Credit Card

Axis Bank Buzz Credit Card Benefits

The Axis Bank Buzz Credit Card is a great option to enjoy the various benefits of wide product ranges and services. Here is the list that is included with the Axis Bank Buzz card which you should know-

Milestone Benefits

This is one of the major advantages tyou get access with the Axis Bank Buzz Credit Card. These are the milestone benefits you will enjoy-

  • If you do any online shopping and your total annual spends on various limits. If you spend Rs. 1 Lakh, then you get a voucher for Rs. 2500.
  • If your annual spend exceeds Rs. 50000, then you get a voucher of Rs. 1000.
  • Then, if your annual fee for your purchases reaches Rs. 25000, then you get a voucher of Rs. 500 as well.

Dining Offers By Axis Bank Buzz Credit Card

You can enjoy several succulent and exotic dishes restaurants without worrying about the dining bills. Here is what you need to know-

  • You will get a 15% discount on various partner restaurants with this card. To get this discount, present this card at the restaurant during the time of billing.

Several Instant Discounts

There are various benefits such as the instant discounts that you get from Axis Bank Buzz Credit Card-

  • To get a 5% instant discount on your online shopping from Flipkart, you have to shop between the 3rd to 31st of every month.
  • If you do online shopping between the 1st and 5th of any month, then you will receive an instant discount of 10% on your transactions with the Axis Bank Buzz Credit Card.
  • If you purchase 3 Realme smartphones, then you will get an instant discount of 5% on Flipkart.
  • You can also get a 5% discount for purchasing the Redmi Go from the shopping site Flipkart as well.

Steps to Redeem the Accelerated Reward Points

By using the Axis Bank Buzz Card, you get rewards points. To enjoy the benefits from the rewards points, you need to redeem them within 3 years. If you fail to redeem these points within the given time, they will expire automatically. Follow these steps to redeem your various reward points on your Axis Bank Buzz Credit Card-

Go to the official website of Axis Bank from your browser. You can also use the official app of Axis Bank on your smartphone.

  • Enter your Login details such as your customer ID and password.
  • Go to Account Summary
  • Select option of Axis eDge Rewards.
  • Then click on the “Yes” option after reading the Terms and Conditions.
  • Then select on “Redeem Now” option. A list will appear about your rewards.
  • Then select the rewards from the various categories and then add them to the cart.
  • Then click on “Confirm” to redeem the points.

Limitation of Axis Bank Buzz Credit Card

Every credit card by Axis bank has different limitations for making purchases. If you cross the limits, then you have to pay a penalty as well. The limitation on every card is based upon various factors such as your credit score, credit history, current loans, and employment too.

Know other top 5 Axis Bank credit cards:

  1. Axis Bank Ace Credit Card
  2. Flipkart Axis Bank Credit Card
  3. Axis Bank Platinum Credit Card
  4. Axis Bank Neo Credit Card
  5. Axis Bank Select Credit Card

Eligibility Criteria for Axis Bank Buzz Credit Card

If you want to apply for the Axis Bank Buzz Credit, you should know about the eligibility criteria. The eligibility criteria changes according to the need and policies.

  • Your age should be at least 18 years of age.
  • The applicant’s age should be an Indian resident.
  • The age group to apply for Axis Bank Credit Card is between 18-70 years.
  • The age of the add on cardholder should be 15 years or above.

Documents Required for Axis Bank Buzz Credit Card

These are the necessary documents that you will need to apply for Axis Bank Credit Card-

Address Proof
  • Electricity Bill
  • Ration card
  • Passport
  • Voter ID Card
Identity Proof
  • PAN Card
  • Form 60
  • Adhaar Card
  • Passport
  • Voter ID Card
Income Proof
  • IT Return Copy of last three months
  • Salary Slip
  • Form 16

Fees and Charges for Axis Bank Buzz Credit Card

To enjoy the benefits, you should also know the various charges and fees for the monthly payment of your credit card bill.

Joining Fee

When you join or get the credit card for the first time, then you have to pay Rs. 750 as joining fee.

Annual Fee

If you want to renew your card or continue using the card, then the annual fee is Rs. 750.

Cash Withdrawal Fee

The rate of the cash withdrawal fee is 2.5% of the total transaction amount.

Finance Charges- You have to 3.25% as Finance Charges on the overdue credit.

Cash Payment Fee

Axis Bank charges Rs. 100, if you pay your bills through cash. You have to cash payment to your nearest branch of Axis Bank.

Late Payment Fee

If you fail to pay your dues on time, then you will be charged with a fine. These are the late payment categories-

  • If the payment is overdue is less than 100, then there are no charges.
  • Rs. 100 for payment between Rs. 101- Rs. 300.
  • Rs. 300, for payment between Rs. 301-Rs. 1000
  • Rs. 500 for payment between Rs. 1001- Rs. 5000.
  • Rs. 600 for payment between Rs. 5001-Rs. 600
  • Rs. 700 if payment is due above Rs. 20,000.
Foreign Currency Transaction Fee

If you make any transactions abroad using the Axis Bank Buzz Credit Card, then you have to pay 3.5% charges for foreign transaction on your amount.

Customer Care Service of Axis Bank Buzz Credit Card

The Axis Bank Customer Care service is always ready to solve your queries and problems. They are available 24×7 to help you out at the time of your need. You can dial the toll-free number of Axis Bank for your queries about accelerated reward points, credit card application, EMI transactions, etc. You can dial 1800-419-5969 anytime according to your convenience for guidance regarding the credit card.


What is the Axis Bank Buzz Credit Card?

A person can enjoy various advantages using the Axis Bank Credit card. You get exclusive discounts, Flipkart vouchers worth Rs. 7000 on various spends.

Which Credit card is the best by Axis Bank?

The Axis Bank Buzz Credit Card is one of the best options to get access to various opportunities and facilities such as exclusive discounts, insurance, and many more.

How to convert the transactions on Axis Bank Buzz Credit Card into EMI?

To convert your purchases through the Axis Bank Buzz Credit card, you have to make purchases of at least Rs. 2500. You can convert your points by downloading the app on your smartphone or net banking.

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